A bit of history, in honor of our 10th anniversary (1996-2006)....

Arabians in Motion’s charter was approved by the Board of Directors of the International Arabian Horse Association at their November 19, 1996 meeting, which was held in Anchorage, Alaska. AiM’s affiliation with AHA officially began on January 1, 1997. As many of you know, Arabians in Motion came into being when the Cascade Arabian Horse Club folded. The Board of CAHC voted to give a substantial portion of their treasury to the new club, and three of them supported it with their memberships, as well. There were 19 charter members - 13 active dressage riders, 1 endurance rider, 3 CAHC members and 2 supportive family members.

The Club’s First Officers:

President:*Kaye Phaneuf

Vice President: Allison Mazurkiewicz

Secretary: Karri Tuyls

Treasurer: April Simons

Newsletter: Jackie Paul

The Club's Remaining 14 Charter Members:

Pam Barclay

Jim Bateman

Beth Bonham

Carrie Ereminas

Kathy Fornshell

Tisch Hardy

* Jo Ann Hofeldt

* Lisa Kolke

Bette Landergen

Ona Lawrence

* Karen Miller

Jerry Paul

Richard Phaneuf

Sherri Robarts

Within weeks, AiM started to grow! By mid-January of 1997, we added 17 more members, bringing our total to 36.

AiM's First 17 Members:

Jean Boice

Melanie Casselman

*Sherry Casselman

Ruth Crowley

*Sue Dodge

*Gene Dueber

Sherry Hyde

*Louie Kimbraugh (now Telfer)

Marcia Langer

Louise Mason

*Albert Mauck

Eugene Moreland

Joanne Newland

Barbara Penniston

Shelly Taranoff

Susan Auerbach Triplett

Lori Wright

* = current member

Ten years later, as of November 28, 2006, Arabians in Motion proudly boasts 92 members - 82 adults and 10 youth! (The list of current members is too long to publish here). Our list of officers has grown, too, to support the club’s growth and expanding services.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief reflection on AiM’s beginnings.

Written by - Kaye Phaneuf, President and Charter Member